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31 January 2016

Chelsea found this play kitchen for free and Jenny's been working on painting it. It's going to look great when it's done!

30 January 2016

Someone got her first haircut today!
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29 January 2016

A shot of Orion over my house.

28 January 2016

I stripped the cast iron of its seasoning and began reseasoning it with flaxseed oil.

27 January 2016

Now that we can actually see a ton of the night sky with minimal trees and light pollution, I'm hoping to get better at astrophotography.

26 January 2016

Grabbed a shot while I was at church tonight.

25 January 2016

My sister introduced us to Five Crowns. We liked it so much we ended up buying it.

24 January 2016

My sister made us calzones tonight - they were fantastic!

23 January 2016

I had my first real estate shoot since moving to Texas.

22 January 2016

Here's hoping it heals without scarring